Software Testing Humour

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Statistics of Errors in the Code 0

According to western experts, the programmer makes a mistake on average once at five lines of code (including erratum). Approximately 90% of these errors is corrected by the programmer, the

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Hyperbole in Testing! (Shame on us) 0

It’s funny how it’s always easier to point out the speck in someone else’s eye and ignore the giant plank in your own as a great 1st century religious figure

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Zombie Testing! 0

While conversing with my colleagues Bill and Shannon, Shannon threw out the phrase “Zombie Testing”.  They had been talking about zombies and zombie survival all morning.  As soon as the

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Top 10 Negative Test cases 1

Negative test cases are designed to test the software in ways it was not intended to be used, and should be a part of your testing effort.  Below are the

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Demotivators in Software Testing. Part 2. 0

Funny pictures again. Related Posts:No Related Posts

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Software Testing Demotivators – Part 1 1

Please look through our software testing demotivators. Testing is real fun. No doubts. Related Posts:No Related Posts

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