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Who is Bugzilla? It’s not So Scary 0

Bugzilla is a bug tracking system (commonly used as a system of project management and task management). Bug tracking systems allow the developer or development team to effectively monitor the

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Adding Custom Result Types in TestLink 8

We actively use TestLink as the management system for testing. It is also very convenient to use it in conjunction with the automated tests. A little later I will tell

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3 Tools to Test UI Mockups Compliance 1

Very often we have task of verifying the compliance of the implemented application to UI mock-ups made by the designer. Here is necessary to  check absolutely everything – colors, fonts,

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5 Best Firefox Add-ons for Software Tester 1

1. Firebug With this add-on all the necessary tools are at your fingertips during using browser. You can edit, debug, and explore the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript on any Web

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