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Why Do Testers Use Jira? 0

While performing different software testing types (for example, unit testing, functional testing, load testing, etc.), a team of specialists needs somehow to monitor, process and maintain the system issues that

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5 Irreplaceable Tools for Successful Cross-browser Testing 0

Software product testing is a complex process which is usually performed with the help of additional means – special testing tools. For example, executing website testing, a specialist needs to

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When Should One Choose Tools for Software Testing? 0

At present software testing is a complex multilevel process; it isn’t less sophisticated than the development process. That is why hardly any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing

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How to Choose a Suitable Test Management Tool? 0

Test management tools are always used in course of web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing. They help to plan various testing activities, track the progress of manual

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5 Approaches That One Should Apply When Elaborating Test Scripts 0

Nowadays executing almost any web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing one has to use automation. Automated testing is labor and time consuming activity. It increases efforts of a

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How to Create Efficient Test Scripts Using Capture/Playback Instrument? 1

Capture/playback instruments are widely used during web site testing desktop testing or mobile application testing. They automatically create programs repeating tester’s operations. At first thought it may seem that such

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