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One of the Approaches to Test Tools Selection 0

One should take very seriously planning of mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. This stage of a testing process creates a foundation and establishes guidelines for other testing

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How Many Test Tools Are Needed for Mobile Testing, Desktop Testing or Web Site Testing? 0

Currently there are a lot of applications of different complexity, serving different purposes. Due to this variety many automated testing instruments appeared on the market. It is often hard to

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How to Select the Best Testing Program? 0

Currently there is a variety of test tools on the market. Vendors assure that their products are the best and most suitable for mobile testing, desktop testing or web site

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4 Advises Facilitating Use of Intrusive Automated Testing Programs 1

Due to extensive use of automated testing and many types of applications a variety of different test tools were elaborated. Each test tool type has its peculiarities, advantages and weaknesses.

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What Is An Automated Testing Tool And What Is Its Nature? 1

Currently one can hardly imagine modern life without applications. That is why there are many kinds of software. Some applications are large complex systems. To develop and test such a

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5 Recommendations Helping To Build Suitable Testing Tools 0

Nowadays few if any mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing is performed without automated testing. So, it is necessary to buy or to build the required test

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