Software Testing Theory

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What Is Human Experience Testing? 0

Nowadays, the wearables are very popular. They are easy to use and help people to monitor different parameters. But, unfortunately, some glitches may happen, and it will disappoint users. The

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Forms of Incremental Testing 0

In software testing company the employees always have high skill level and deep knowledge of their main field. They know what is what concerning exploratory testing, reliability testing, penetration testing,

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How to Avoid a Snow-Ball Effect in Testing? 0

Different events and even troubles occur in our lives in the same way or slightly changed. Life is believed to have the cyclic nature. That is why it is better

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Should Automated Testing Be Deployed? 0

The success of software testing company is based on the constant development and improvement of its works and operating facilities. Times change and so do the people as well as

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Is it Necessary for a Tester to Be a Polyglot? 0

As there are a lot of different languages, software products are developed and modified for speakers of different languages. Often, performing web-site testing or mobile application testing, testers check the

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Should Testing be User-Oriented? 0

The activity of software testing company is user-oriented. Testing is user-based and is performed according to modeled user behavior. As a result, the application or a web-site meets the requirements

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