Software Testing Theory

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Defining Perfection of the Software: Not as Easy as It Seems 0

Dozens of testing types (such as functional testing, performance testing, security testing, usability testing, load control, unit testing, etc.) are performed with the sole purpose of creating a perfect software

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Checking the Usability of Web and Mobile Apps: Simple Principles to Go By 0

The users of mobile and web applications would always prefer efficient and easy-to-use apps over entangled and annoying ones. No wonder that user experience is an important aspect for a

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Building a Testing Team like It Is a Sports Team 0

There many similarities between sports and software product testing or mobile testing. Just like a sports team during important tournament, a testing team in the midst of performing functional testing

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Being a Test Lead in Agile: Role and Responsibilities 0

In an Agile-oriented software testing company, there may be a perception that the profession of test lead is completely outdated. However, experience shows that only a small part of this

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Automated Unit Testing as an Integral Part of Agile Projects 0

A lot has been said about the high cost of fixing bugs at the late stages of a project. This is relevant even for a software testing company that successfully

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Automated Testing in DevOps: Whys and Wherefores 0

The DevOps practice implies close collaboration of developers and other IT experts during the software delivery. This new trend is increasingly becoming popular among software testing and mobile testing specialists

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