Software Testing Theory

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What Are the Pros of Test Management in Agile? 0

Many experts believe that a software testing company that works according to the Agile methodology doesn’t actually need test management. Indeed, Agile company can operate without test management as such.

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What Are the Peculiarities of Mobile Performance Testing? 0

The first thing that should be known about mobile performance testing is that some of its rules are the same as in web application testing, but mobile performance is more

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What Are the Keys to Successful Agile Test Automation? 0

The Agile methodology is widely known by its short and iterative development cycles. With this approach, automated testing proves to be highly productive and useful. Any software testing company with

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What Are the Fundamentals of Software Testing? 0

Practical effectiveness of test effort may notably vary depending on multiple factors. Each type of testing, such as functional testing, security testing or load testing, has its own particularities. Still,

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What Agile Principles Make a Tester’s Life Easier? 0

A lot of software testing teams still use waterfall methodology in their workflows. It’s no crime considering that the transition to agile principles is not easy. There are plenty of

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Top Qualities That Make a Good Game Tester 0

Almost every gamer had thoughts about becoming a game tester. The logic is simple: if a person has extensive experience in playing games, he/she can be a good fit for

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