Software Testing Theory

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What Is System Test Case? 0

System testing is the type of software testing, when applications or software systems are viewed as an undivided unit. Like in functional testing, the product documentation and specifications play a

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Test Case Secrets 0

Writing test cases is the art every software testing company employee must overwhelm. It’s not a secret that this work takes the major part of all the tester’s activities, so

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Six Points of Effective Software Release 0

Software release involves much more work than simple developing and testing. Software testing company bears a large part of responsibility in this process. But how to understand whether the product

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How to Optimize User Interface Testing 0

User interface testing is one of the most frequently used types of testing provided on the IT market. Every software testing company needs specialists with good knowledge of this method

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Highway to the Automated Testing Hell 0

It is extremely difficult to underestimate the role of automated testing in the tester’s everyday life. It is quick, money-saving and very effective. Unfortunately, the obsessive and non-rational usage of

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The Most Unusual Bugs 0

Software testing company specialists do their best finding all the possible errors. The variety of bugs could be found in the product is so vast, that the professionals can even

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