Software Testing Theory

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Why Should the Volunteers be Rewarded? 0

If the software testing company often receives large projects focused on multiplatformity, once the Project Managers can consider the idea of attracting volunteers to testing process. Sometimes this approach really

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Meaning of Coordination in Software Testing Area 0

Any software testing company during its formation passes the step of the testing team formation. No one would dispute the importance of team cohesion, as it is the substructure for

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Volunteering in Software Testing 0

Sometimes software testing company receives a project for testing in which it is necessary to involve not only a team of professional testers, but also the most ordinary users, who

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5 Components of a Successful Software Testing Team 0

Every software testing company has its team which usually consists of different departments: testers, project managers, QA leads and so on. But not every common test engineer can imagine the

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Who Can Help to Assure Success of an Application at the Market? 0

Sometimes a software testing company performs a full range of testing activities for the customers’ software. But even despite the pretty trouble-free operation of the system, it happens that the

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3 Questions to Define the Effectiveness of Software Testing 0

Today, competition in the software industry is extremely high, so it is necessary to do everything possible to make the product high-quality. This is what the software testing industry deals

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