Software Testing Theory

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What Causes the “Invalid” Bugs? 0

Before reporting any incident to the bug tracker, a tester must ensure that it is not his fault during the test and that he has not missed any important detail

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Specific Features of the Mobile Application Testing 0

The need for the mobile application testing is growing rapidly, but there are still many difficulties and problems in this area. In addition to desktop testing and web site testing

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mutation Testing 0

In addition to classic types of testing, such as a mobile testing, web application testing or desktop testing, there is also a mutation testing. It assumes launching the slightly damaged

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Deceptive Opinion on Usability Testing 0

Sometimes employees of the software testing company are faced with incomprehensible, illogical applications, many functions and uses of which are often not obvious. In order to make the application popular,

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Quality Criteria of the Software Under Test 0

The main task of the tester is to find and document bugs during the software product testing with the following process of their elimination in order to provide the further

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Methods of Web Applications Testing 0

Many testers during their career at least once faced with incomplete testing of sites that almost always leads to considerable financial costs, customer dissatisfaction, and, eventually, to the re-development of

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