Software Testing Theory

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Security Testing: Protecting Customers from Day One 0

Early integration of security testing into the development process is essential and should in no case be neglected. Just think of what can happen if an app is hacked and

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Say No to Dirt and Grime: Cleaning Up Your Test Scripts 0

As the software product evolves and grows, its source code becomes more and more messy. It happens because of numerous additions, modifications and patches applied to the code in the

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Performance Testing: Practical Tips from the Field 0

When a software tester has to perform performance testing or load testing for the first time, he often feels confused and clueless. The aspects of these types of testing may

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Performance of E-Commerce Products: Good Things Come to Those Who Test 0

For the success of an e-commerce product, one of the determinative factors is its performance. Even if functional testing and security testing were performed thoroughly and did not reveal any

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People behind Functional and Performance Testing: Different Mindsets, Different Approaches 0

It is no secret that a manager should assign specific tasks to an expert in software testing with a particular reason. For example, the execution of functional testing and performance

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Open-Source Tools as a Way to Improve Test Automation 0

There is no doubt that a software testing company can provide a high level of services with the help of traditional test automation frameworks. In fact, a lot of specialists

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