Software Testing Theory

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What Are the Differences Between SRS, FRS and BRS? 0

The specialists from software development and software testing company perform their duties according to the several types of requirement specifications. The documentation simplifies the checking and development processes. One can

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Gamification in Testing 0

People always like to play different games. Nowadays, children and adults choose the games of a high quality and with interesting and exciting missions. It is not so easy to

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What Is Mobile Accessibility Testing? 0

The practice shows that testers may have some difficulties in distinguishing between mobile accessibility testing and functional testing. They consider these software testing types to be similar. But it is

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The Testing Community: One Man No Man 0

Software testing gives an excellent opportunity for career development and self-realization. The specialists of software testing company know that the product or application checking is a gold mine. But some

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Ad Hoc vs Exploratory Testing 0

There are a lot of various notions in software testing field. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between a little bit similar terms and concepts, for example, black box and

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Reasons to Consider Software Testing as Difficult Task 0

Software Testing is very important and crucial for improvement of the software work. This activity takes much time, efforts and money. But nowadays many people wrongly consider Software Testing as

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