Software Testing Theory

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Insufficient Test Coverage: How to Remedy the Situation 0

Test coverage is an essential aspect for a software testing company that works in accordance with Agile methodology principles. For a specialist of software testing, the first step in defining

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Indisputable Proof That Testing Is Immortal 0

A software tester often faces the discussions about the death of testing. It is the time to review the reasons why those worries are, to put it mildly, premature. Why

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Improving Testing Process with Continuous Learning 0

Typical software testing company never stands still but always strives to improve its overall process of testing. In order to do this, a company needs to apply the principles of

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How to Test Location-Based Mobile Services and Not Fail? 0

Even an experienced mobile software tester may get confused when having to test location-based apps. This activity needs a lot of concentration and effort to put in. Effective functional testing,

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How to Reprogram a Mindset before Accepting Agile Principles? 0

Prior to plunging into Agile, a software testing company should forget a bunch of rules typical for traditional practices. What Traditional Principles Should Be Unlearned? Before its execution and completion,

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How to Protect a Mobile App from Hackers? 0

Mobile devices can be used not only to make calls and check the weather, but also for quite complicated operations including online shopping and payment of bills. If an app

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