Software Testing Theory

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10 Basic Usability Testing Principles 0

Nowadays’ computerized life makes the users go to the different websites in order to get the necessary information. There are a lot of Internet platforms which allow their visitors to

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Cross Browser Testing: Why? Where? When? 0

Talking about user interface testing, one cannot forget about the product checking on various devices, OS versions, and browsers. It is a widespread problem when a user wants to open

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Several Tips for Successful Business Data Testing 0

In order to improve business strategy and make thorough business decisions, each subject of the market tries to establish a well-organized business intelligence system. The so-called business intelligence testing is

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How to Become Smarter During Regression Testing 0

Software testing undergoes many stages, modifications, additions, and so on during its execution. Performing regression testing, the specialists always hope for the absence of bugs, as well as of the

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Main Parts of Successful Test Planning 0

Any software testing company tries to conduct an effective project management policy. Incomplete or poor project management, especially in the case of software testing, may lead to severe negative consequences

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A Blocker Error: Action Plan 0

Software testing permanently deals with the bugs and errors detection. It is well-known that the defects differ because of their severity: starting from the trivial and ending with the most

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