Software Testing Theory

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5 Ways to Engage Manual Testers in Automation 0

A specialist of software testing company may not have solid programming skills, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that his/her skills can be helpful only in manual testing. Many test managers

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5 Tips to Build Effective Test Data Strategy 0

In a software testing company, the term “test data” usually means data used for testing of a particular product (mobile testing, web and desktop application testing). Each software tester knows

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5 Things to Remember When Reporting Usability Bugs 0

When it comes to usability, a lot of companies prefer outsourced testing, while others do it in-house. In both cases, a software tester should do the best to not let

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5 Secrets of Positive Attitude to Testing 0

There are days when a software tester feels utterly discouraged from negative perception of his work. This happens because developers that work in the same software testing company perceive the

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5 Main Obstacles on the Road to Fruitful Testing 0

Fortunately for everybody concerned, software testing is no longer considered as a purely theoretical area of knowledge or activity. Instead, testing is more and more often perceived as a full-fledged

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4 Reasons Why Robots Are Still Not a Substitute for Human Testers 0

It’s been years and years of discussions about replacing all manual testing processes with automated ones. This goes along with the general debates of whether or not robots will be

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