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The Mystery of NFC: when, how, and what for? 0

NFC is an acronym for Near Field Communication. It has much in common with WiFi and Bluetooth that are called to transmit information. NFC technology is based on RFID (Radio-frequency

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What Is BPT? 0

Not only software should be checked with the help of regression testing, system testing, manual testing, unit testing, performance testing, etc. The process of software production is more complicated and

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How to Mitigate Disadvantages of Manual Testing? 1

The fact that people sometimes differently understand and interpret requirements, test specification and some aspects of a test plan is both an advantage and disadvantage of manual testing. The advantage

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Must Testers Always Concentrate on Weaknesses and Errors of the Software? 0

As a rule, testing process is oriented on finding as many software bugs, as possible. Testers search for weak points and errors in all parts of the tested program. Risk-based

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Why are Thinking Tools for Desktop Testing Unsuitable for Mobile Testing? 0

Software testing experts claim that one of the secrets of fast and fruitful web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing is using thinking instruments and mnemonics. There are no

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5 Advices Helping to Increase Fruitfulness of Web Site Testing, Desktop Testing and Mobile Testing 0

There are no doubts that fruitfulness of any testing process is based on careful preparations and planning of web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing, and on testers’ skills

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