Usability Testing

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3 Goals of Usability Testing 0

The study of user behaviour on the Web shows that they do not perceive the slow sites and sites with complex designs. People do not want to wait. Also, they

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Remote Usability Testing using Wonderland 0

CHI 2011 Preview:  A New Perspective to Remote Usability Testing using Wonderland The emergence of high speed internet technologies has resulted in the concept of the global village and next

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Usability Testing Is Qualitative Only If You Can’t Count 0

I’ve recently found myself in a lot of discussions over the value of traditional user research methods. In particular, the value of that staple of user research we know as

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4 Steps For Successful UI Prototyping 0

UI Prototyping is an iterative analysis technique in which users are actively involved in the mocking-up of screens and reports. The purpose of a prototype is to show people the

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Mobile Usability Testing 1

Usability testing for mobile devices, apps and websites can render a wide variety of critical insights. Actual testing with users is the only way that you can learn who they

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