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Exploratory Testing: Features and Appliance 0

The testing types list seems to be endless and, moreover, some of them have very similar characteristics. Many “green” testers cannot realize the fine line between ad-hoc testing and exploratory

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How to Find More Bugs with Exploratory Testing 0

Practice shows that test managers tend not to use exploratory testing in IT processes they manage. Instead, they often rely on automated testing or specification-based functional testing. Luckily, the situation

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A New Approach to Exploratory Testing 0

In a world of software testing services, there is a relatively new trend called “developer exploratory testing”. As seen from its name, this method suggests developers to perform exploratory testing.

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When Is It Good to Apply Exploratory Testing? 0

For each mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing test-procedure must be carefully elaborated basing on the application requirements. But it is known that absolutely clear and detailed requirements

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Do you consider yourself an expert in testing? 0

Then you should analyze the following statements: I should make a test plan. It is important to have the property of testing repeatability. Each test case should have expected result.

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Best practices for “Best practices” 0

Last week I crossed the term “best practices” quite often. So I decided to share my thoughts on the term, and offer alternatives. As a starting point, I did some

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