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Software Testing Trends in 2017 0

Software testing is a continuously changing and expanding area of business because of a huge demand for new advanced information technologies. Digital sphere and its dominance in the IT arena

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Unit Testing: Benefits and Test Cases Samples 0

Sometimes testers, especially the “green” one, feel difficulty about different types of checking. But it is very important to understand the essence of each software testing type, especially unit testing

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Integration Testing: Essence and Approaches 0

Nowadays it is a good practice to test the system before the production code is written. This means that software testing is performed in parallel with writing code lines. Usually,

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Automation: Problems and Tips 0

Frequently, QA teams are in a fix when it comes to automation. It is required many skills, effort, and experience in order to thorough know when to implement automated tests.

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4 Inherent Parts of Modern Automation 0

Everyday new trends, terms, and concepts appear in the IT world. It happens so because information innovations have been permanently developing during last few decades. And what took much time,

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Unit Testing for Execution Points 0

Unit testing is generally conducted to test a small software unit. It is normally carried out by the developer who performed the unit. Unit testing generally pays the main attention

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