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Preventing of Software Bugs and Bug Sources 1

The essential for software bug averting activities to work is the efficient recognition of these general defects and defect causes, so that proper activities can be applied to block or

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Software Bug Averting Strategies 1

Software bug averting activities may be a very efficacious and advisable method to operate with quality assurance troubles by averting the infusions of errors into the software systems. The main

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Software Bug Averting Standards and Methodologies 1

Implementation of appropriate standards for the product and engineering specifications can also reduce the amount of bugs injected into the system. These standards provide the same level of understanding for

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Software Bug Averting Technologies 0

Formal methods are effective tools in preventing the ingress of bugs into the software system. Formal specifications define an unambiguous set of specifications so that the customer requirements and the

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The Importance of the Specific Software Product Knowledge 0

If software testing team involved is not familiar with the product kind or application domain, there is a big probability that incorrect actions will be executed. For instance, if some

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Root Cause Analysis for Software Bug Averting 0

Analysis of the main causes is very important in the determining of the bugs sources or missed/wrong actions that lead to the penetration of errors into the system. The basic

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