5 Best Firefox Add-ons for Software Tester

by Nataliia Vasylyna | February 21, 2011 5:57 pm

1. Firebug
With this add-on all the necessary tools are at your fingertips during using browser. You can edit, debug, and explore the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript on any Web page.

2. Web Developer Toolbar
This is a set of tools which  in combination with Firebug is an irreplaceable  tool for web developers, and for testers.

3. XSS me

Cross-site scripting (XSS) – this is one of the most widespread vulnerabilities of Web applications today. Detecting XSS vulnerabilities early in development will protect your web application against dangerous attacks.

4. SQL Inject Me

Embedding malicious code in the database queries can cause great damage to web-based applications. An attacker can view and delete records, delete tables or gain access to your server. This add-on fills  the field s in the form with strings containing the malicious queries.

5. Firesizer

Contains a menu and status bar to resize the window to a certain value. This addition is extremely useful if you want to test how your application will look at different window sizes.


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