The History of Software Testing Development

by Nataliia Vasylyna | November 21, 2012 10:00 am

Nowadays due to the rapid development of technology, there is an increased interest towards software testing professionals. A software testing company may help you greatly improve your software by eliminating the problems the developers skipped during the software creation.

Besides, software testers are usually the ones that represent the users’ interests. Usability testing is a common practice for them.

How Did Software Testing Previously Look Like?

Earlier, on mainframe systems, the majority of users were connected to a central system. “Fixing a bug” meant creating patches or updates for the centrally stored program.

Later, when the computers became more decentralized, the companies started to face serious problems with fixing their software for every user.

With every coming year, people started to get more and more dependent on various techniques and gadgets. Correspondingly, the quantity of software bugs has increased a lot. This is why qualified software testing is of great importance for your software’s life cycle.

Nowadays with an advent of Internet, our computers are connected again through the World Wide Web. Thus, developers can again offer their clients updates and patches for their software. However, the developers are now not able to predict in which environment their testing will be used. In this case, software testing is a solution, namely such types of it as:

These testing types ensure that your software works properly in any possible environment.

Nowadays more and more companies rely on a help of a QA company, because they understand that their reputation directly depends upon the quality of their software product.

If you still doubt whether to test or not, try to use risk-based method and ask yourself the following questions:

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