Current Situation of Software Testing in the Modern World

by Nataliia Vasylyna | March 11, 2013 10:00 am

When software testing has appeared? It is very hard to believe in it but it happened 30 years ago. Over this time it was possible to see both its birth and evolution.

And exactly at this time everyone has realized that software development is a commercial activity that pays little attention to quality. But why had it happened?

Software testing appeared with the aim of improving software quality but still it remains foreign to many people in software industry.

While performing software testing, every examined widget is new and has nothing in common with the previous. So how software engineers who work at software testing company conduct software testing to each of them when they are so different? To do it you should have experience in testing and understand how it is supposed to work. Every widget is different because software changes all the time.

As the result of it, different versions of software started to appear so that engineers could test new version every time. Regression testing is often conducted in such cases as regression testing means rerunning test cases from existing test suites to ensure that software changes have no unexpected side-effects.

But what is the future of testing? It is very hard to predict it at this stage of its development as it can go both ways. But until developers start to produce products of high-quality, software testing will be at the peak of its development.

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