Time-Management in Software Testing Sphere

by Nataliia Vasylyna | April 1, 2013 10:00 am

In modern world of information and communications technologies the problem of proper using of time is on the front burner. Every software testing company feels the necessity of more formalized approaches to managing of testing process. First of all we are interested in ability to predict the timing of handing over the projects.

Time is one of the most important factors that have an impact on choosing the testing tools as well as the quality of the end product. Ability to arrange the personal time often becomes a key factor in winning the competitive struggle in the world of IT-technologies.

High quality of the end product can’t be achieved without accurate planning of all the preliminary works and planning of testing process itself. Clear understanding of tasks and setting of the specific deadlines helps to increase efficiency, reduce the unnecessary time consumption and material expenditures and to create the effective organization of the working process.

What Should be Taken into Account when Performing the Testing

Time to prepare the test environment. First of all we need to find out what type of tests should be conducted (automated testing, load testing, security testing, etc.). Also we need some time to evaluate the cost of project, the pay-off period, to identify the deadlines. Besides all the above mentioned one shouldn’t forget about finding the necessary equipment, devices, and other resources, as well as installing all the necessary applications.

Time to Create a Business Scenario which will form the basis of the performed testing. Software testing is a very expensive sphere of business. It is vitally important to calculate all the necessary expenses and to justify the economic benefits of all the business case for the maintaining of high level of productivity. These procedures can take anywhere from several days to several weeks.

Time to Create Test Data. Preparation of test data is not an easy task. A good prepared test data can be a measure of productivity for many years. The correct choice of test data allows to simplify the task of finding bugs in the tested product. Until the database is not created it is very difficult to perform a high quality testing.

Time to Provide the Technological Infrastructure of the Test Environment. It is time to check up the behavior of the servers and network under load. The actual time depends on the number of servers and network segments that need to be checked, as well as their geographical location.

Time for Testing. The time required for the testing process. Also it includes the time required to solve all the possible problems that the software tester may face. At this stage you should specify the customer’s requirements, examine specifications and project documentation.

It should be noted that without any attempts to systematize the time and resources needed to perform the test it is impossible to get the end product of high quality that can meet the requirements of customer. Experienced manager will never neglect the procedure of long term planning and will do everything possible for the rational using of time and material resources that he has.

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