How to Prioritize Software Requirements?

How to Prioritize Software Requirements?
July 17 10:00 2013  

Software must meet its requirements. When elaborating testing strategy a software testing company should prioritize the requirements with the help of requirements department or product-management.

All testers should look through prioritized requirements list in order to perform mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing properly.

Requirements must be prioritized according to functionality and assorted into related functional scenarios or flow.

The Most Important Issues Helping to Prioritize Requirements Include:

1. Frequency of use

Some requirements are related to often used functions, they have high priority. Those that are related to rare used functions or functions serving technical resources are usually of low priority.

2. Degree of risk

Requirements should be prioritized according to the project risks. To high risk functions belong those that forbid, for instance, inputting data for which the company can be brought to justice.

3. End users needs

Certain requirements are essential for the end users. They must be of the highest priority. Otherwise the software may not satisfy the customer.

4. Trade-offs

When prioritizing requirements, software testing company must take into consideration budget, time, stuff and other resources limits of the project. It is very important to provide necessary services and stay within the resources limits.

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