5 Risk Factors in Software Development Process

by Nataliia Vasylyna | July 20, 2013 10:00 am

Scrutinous study and evaluation of risks are very important parts of testing strategy. Though it is hard to evaluate risks in details. It requires participation of many specialists and takes time.

If software testing company finds software areas with high risks and functions that probably will give rise to failures and mistakes it will be able to elaborate special testing strategy. The main point of such strategy is to concentrate testing on areas of the project that have the highest risks. But in spite of all preventive measures risks can turn into reality.

In case risks are too high, software testing company may advise to stop the project and change its current form or even shut it down completely as the probability of failure is too high.

The Most Common Causes of Risk Usually Are:

1. Too Little Time for the Development and Testing Process

Often deadlines of development processes are set at the beginning of a project, when proper researches are not done. Experienced project manager always sees when it is given too little time on testing and adapts testing strategy or negotiates about allowing of more reasonable terms.

2. New Solution

When newly developed solution is applied to a project there is high probability that it will act not as expected or will be executed in a wrong way.

3. Usage

Frequently used functions are more likely to cause problems than seldom used ones.

4. Untestable Requirements

Requirements that cannot be tested have very high risks. But if software testing company finds them during web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing and evaluates their testability, the risks can be diminished.

5. Sophistication

Large complex and sophisticated projects are more likely to have problems than not so complicated ones.

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