How to Forecast Software Release Time?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | October 29, 2013 10:00 am

All the stakeholders of a project want to stay abreast of the project progress and be able to forecast the release time of the software product, plan and coordinate their actions.

To make all this possible a software testing company always observes the progress of performed software testing and informs other project parties about it.

Modern applications are often sophisticated and big. Their development and testing life-cycles may consist of many stages. To execute thorough testing of such a software product many complex test procedures may be needed. That is why it may be quite a difficult task to define with a degree of some certainty the level of a testing process completion.

Testers usually use several benchmarks to measure the level of a web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing completion.

Benchmarks Often Utilized to Determine the Level of an Application Testing Completion:

  1. Percentage rating of performed test procedures versus whole quantity of the project test procedures.
  2. Period of time from the moment when the error has been corrected and released in a new build to performing regression testing of the error.
  3. Ratio of quantity of errors related to one requirement to quantity of tests related to that requirement.
  4. Evaluation of software bugs tendencies during software testing.
  5. Period of time from opening to closure of a software bug.
  6. Number of reoccurring and new errors that appear in tested and fixed areas per one corrected error.

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