Usability and Performance Testing of Mobile Apps

by Nataliia Vasylyna | November 1, 2013 10:00 am

Mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing aim finding defects. It is known that wrong data processing, security problems, misprints, software product freezing up and crashing, and many other malfunctions are considered to be software bugs and must be entered in the bug tracker.

Performance testing and usability testing are of greater importance for mobile applications than they are for other application types.

A Mobile Software Product May Meet All its Requirements and Operate Correctly, But it will Fail in Production If:

The issues mentioned above are of prime importance for mobile applications because people are used to utilize mobile devices in many various situations under different strange conditions, when they do not have time on puzzling out how to make the application do what they want or on waiting till it starts work.

If something is unclear with a mobile application one may easy download another software with similar functionality but which is simpler in usage. This is the flow of thought of modern mobile applications users. A software testing company advises to keep this in mind when developing mobile software product or performing mobile testing.

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