Pluses and Minuses of Touchless Input Sensors

by Nataliia Vasylyna | November 21, 2013 10:00 am

Some modern mobile devices are tooled up with touchless input sensors. Such sensors are installed in order to facilitate user interaction with the device and enhance its usability. So, performing mobile testing of software products involving touchless input sensors it is wise to give consideration to usability testing.

It is convenient and interesting to interact with software products utilizing touchless input sensors. The sensors distinguish various gestures, such as gestures of a hand or a finger. The sensors may even perceive moves of head or of eyes. Consequently, there is no need to touch the mobile device.

One may wave a finger near the smartphone or the tablet to launch a software product using touchless input sensors. It is very convenient, especially when the user is busy and cannot hold the mobile device. There is no such possibility when one works with a web site or with a desktop program.

To achieve that kind of effect special sensors may be installed on a device or there may be combination of several types of sensors, for instance, light sensors, proximity sensors, camera and so on.

Utilizing of touchless input sensors makes work with a software product user friendly. But a software testing company informs that there may be some problems with the sensors.

Common Troubles with Touchless Input Sensors:

  1. They are sophisticated and very sensitive. Due to many various signals from the environment the sensors can take a gesture in the wrong way.
  2. Their work requires processing of much information. That is why the application may freeze up or operate too slowly because of overloading of the mobile device.

So, one should carefully check issues related to touchless input sensors, performing mobile application testing. Such problems never happen during web site testing or desktop testing.

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