What are Difficulties of Mapping Applications?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | December 2, 2013 10:00 am

Mapping programs are very convenient. They help users to find needed location and the best route to it from certain point. Together with location service most mapping programs can determine the optimal route to a destination point from your location.

That is why basic mapping programs are built in most of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Performing mobile testing of such programs it is necessary to check carefully location related functions.

Personal computers usually do not require built in mapping application and location service as they are not mobile devices and are not utilized while traveling, on the move. So, during desktop testing or web site testing there is no need to check mapping and location issues in most cases.

It is handy to identify position of a hotel or a shop or a house when you are traveling in a strange country. But a software testing company warns that one can get in trouble if the mapping program operates incorrectly.

Frequent Problems with Mapping Software Are:

  1. Many free mapping applications use obsolete maps and may give you information that has become irrelevant.
  2. Determining the route and calculation your location is resource consuming. This process requires high performance from the device. The application may operate slowly or even freeze up. So, load testing is essential for mapping software.
  3. The programs may load incorrectly or be incompatible with some of the installed software.
  4. The interface of a mapping application may be sophisticated and confusing for users. That is why user interface testing should be paid sufficient attention.
  5. Mapping application can fail to determine your location and take your home or the place of your last connection to the Internet as your location point. If you are traveling the related data and calculations will be incorrect.

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