Calendar App and ones for Storing and Managing Contacts

by Nataliia Vasylyna | December 9, 2013 10:00 am

Modern mobile devices have built in calendar applications and programs for keeping and managing contacts.

These software products became common on phones, smartphones and tablets. Usually they are not used on personal computers. That is why one shouldn’t worry about them executing web site testing or desktop testing.

Calendar applications and programs for storing and managing contacts are often utilized by users directly and by various other software products. So, such programs often are dealt with during mobile application testing.

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Calendar Applications

Calendar applications are meant for recording, storing and editing user’s plans for every day. It is very convenient to have an opportunity to check, for example, what appointments are fixed for this day or for tomorrow and at what time.

Calendar applications are often used together with other programs. For instance, a user can arrange a trip by means of a travel program and add dates and details of the trip to the calendar. So, it is wise to perform compatibility testing of software with calendar applications.

Some programs can create and update events in the calendar, so a user can always be up to date with important events and appointments but he or she does not have to add the information manually, it is done be the programs.

Calendar programs can also create notifications reminding about important events.

Software for Storing and Managing Contacts

Software for storing and managing contacts is also useful. A software testing company says that such programs are widely used in communication software. It allows a user to contact with people he or she knows for personal or business purposes. It is very convenient to be able to share the latest information or solve urgent problems when you are on the move.

It is necessary to execute proper mobile testing of calendar applications and software for storing and managing contacts as these applications are often utilized by users and work with many other programs.

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