5 Common Problems of Mobile Web Applications

by Nataliia Vasylyna | January 28, 2014 10:00 am

Nowadays a lot of various mobile software products appeared. Most of web sites have versions for tablets, smartphones and mobile phones as their owners want them to be available for the users any time.

Unfortunately mobile application testing shows that modern mobile applications, especially mobile versions of web sites, often crash, freeze up, strangely behave and show weird results.

A software testing company notices in course of performance testing and load testing that a lot of mobile web applications unable to cope with any interference in their functioning.

Web Applications for Mobile Device Often Cannot Handle:

  1. Appearance of messages and notifications.
  2. Simultaneous functioning with other programs on the device.
  3. Been sent to a background.
  4. User switching to other program.
  5. Addressing to a dashboard.

It is frequently discovered during web site testing for mobile devices and even reported by the end users that in mentioned situations the software products may strangely behave, freeze up, crash, log out the user, show strange results.

When a mobile web application operates in the background and other processes are performing on the device, there may be problems with downloading data and exchanging information with the server. Some mobile programs poorly interact with each other.

All this is not good but it does not mean that mobile software has no future. Mobile technologies are not perfect but they are constantly improving. Testers greatly help this by executing thorough mobile testing and web site testing.

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