How Reproduce Intermittent Errors on Mobile Software

by Nataliia Vasylyna | March 21, 2014 10:00 am

Some errors discovered during mobile, desktop or web site testing cannot be reproduced. If there is an unreproducible software bug, it means that the tester overlooks and does not consider some factors impacting the issue.

Unreproducible defects most often happen in course of mobile testing. This is caused by complexity and sensibility of mobile devices. A professional software testing company knows that a software bug may not be reproduced because of slightest changes in the environment or on the device.

A Defect[1] on a Mobile Application May not Be Repeated Because when the Error Happened:

  1. The smartphone or the tablet could be hold in another orientation.
  2. The mobile device was moving what activated the sensors.
  3. The user performed some unintended moves.
  4. The user interacted with the program in a different manner, for instance, slower.
  5. Some other software products were functioning on the mobile device.
  6. Some processes were been executing on the device, for instance, data updating.
  7. Lighting or temperature was different.
  8. The battery was low or the device was charging.
  9. Other network technology or provider was utilized.
  10. Network signals are weaker, or there is a dead spot or network transition point in place where the error occurred.

A software testing company always asks its testers to consider such situations in course of mobile application testing, when intermittent software bugs happen.

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