How to Select a Platform for Mobile Testing

by Nataliia Vasylyna | April 9, 2014 10:00 am

It is necessary to select platforms for any mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing. It is not an easy thing to make the right choice, in particular in case of mobile testing.

It is unfeasible to perform testing works on each existing device, operation system, browser and their combinations, as there are too many of them, and testers do not have infinite time and resources.

But everybody knows that the more devices, operation systems, browsers, other software and their combinations are involved in a testing process, the more efficient automated testing or manual testing is.

A software testing company recommends to apply one of strategies of test platform selection considering limitations of time, budget, number of available testers and other conditions.

Such Types of Strategies are Mostly Applied for Mobile Testing Nowadays:

  1. Singular strategies, assuming utilization of only one mobile device for testing.
  2. Mixed strategies, suggesting way of selecting of several or many devices for testing works.
  3. Outsourced strategies, assuming involving of many different people, devices and platform configurations for testing.

Each type of strategies has its peculiarities, advantages and weaknesses. Using of proper strategy of test platform selection helps to choose appropriate devices and software for a mobile testing process.

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