How to Select and Study Platforms for Mobile Testing?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | May 14, 2014 10:00 am

It is important to determine on what platforms to perform mobile testing in course of preparatory works.

Nowadays there is variety of mobile devices, several popular mobile operating systems and a lot of different mobile software products. Besides, there are user settings on each device. So, we have innumerable number of combinations. It is unprofitable and would take too long to test a program on each possible platform variant.

A software testing company advises its testers to research what devices, operation systems, browsers and other applications are mostly utilized by users of the system under test.

Testers Must Examine the Selected Platforms, That Is:

It is known that one of the distinctions between mobile application testing and desktop testing or web site testing is that mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have initially been created as means of communications.

So, executing manual testing of a mobile program one should compulsory check how it handles interruptions by inbound and outbound calls, messages; various types of networking technologies; conditions of connections.

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