Why Techniques for Desktop Testing Don’t Suit Mobile one?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | May 20, 2014 10:00 am

Software testing experts claim that one of the secrets of fast and fruitful web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing is using thinking instruments and mnemonics.

There are no doubts that they help to direct and to focus testing efforts, and not to miss anything important.

Nowadays one can find a lot of effectual tools that are widely utilized by testers. But, unfortunately, the majority of thinking instruments have been created for desktop software products. Only few of them can be utilized in course of mobile application testing. And even those instruments have originally been elaborated for desktop applications and then adapted for mobile ones in most cases.

A software testing company can confirm that usage of such instruments gives satisfactory results, but their weakness is that they do not entirely cover peculiarities of mobile technology.

So, it is better to find and to use thinking tools created especially for manual testing of mobile software. Such instruments consider peculiarities of modern mobile devices and mobile programs.

To These Instruments Belong:

These and many other useful methods of checking mobile software products have been developed or improved by Jonathan Kohl, famous expert in mobile technology and mobile testing.

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