Why to Optimize Performance of Mobile Web Program?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | July 9, 2014 10:00 am

Web applications began rapid development together with Internet expansion and evolution of web technology. At present web sites are complex, multifunctional programs.

Peculiarity of web applications is that they store most of their content on a server and some elements upload on a client machine. So, as a rule, most of the operations are performed on a server, and the results are sent to the client device and displayed there. Some operations are also performed on the client machine. A web program also requires a web browser for work.

Modern web programs include many different media files, third party elements and so on. All this is meant to create the best user experience.

Web site testing shows that web programs usually work well on desktop devices. But mobile application testing demonstrates that mobile web programs are not so good yet. Manual and automated testing often reveals performance defects in modern mobile web sites.

A software testing company claims that a common reason of that is leaving out of consideration performance capacity of modern smartphones and tablets during the software constructing.

When a User is Interacting With a Web Program Many Processes are Performing on a Mobile Device:

Even without thorough performance testing it is obvious that all these activities require significant resources. So, it is wise to find a balance between rich user experience and the number of executing operations by a mobile web program.

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