What Deteriorates Quality Of Mobile Web Software?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | July 18, 2014 10:00 am

Modern web technology allows to create complex, user friendly and multifunctional software. But in fact, any web site or web application appears to be one or several web pages that contain text and various media elements.

Designers want their products to provide the best user experience. That is why web programs and sites often update their content, rely on many outer sources, contain many different elements, including third party products. Some web sites and programs are a mixture of other sites, programs and elements.

Mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing show that such web applications mostly work well on personal computers. They provide good user experience. But quality of mobile software of that kind often leaves much to be desired. One of the reasons of it is third party elements.

Even if a mobile program is well thought out and properly adjusted to mobile technology, its developers can do nothing about the exterior elements. It is often discovered in course of manual and automated testing that the third party elements are not adapted for mobile devices and applications.

Third Party Elements Can:

A software testing company can confirm that such elements slow down functioning of a mobile program and device, cause various errors, freezing or crash of the program. So, it is wise to examine third party elements during mobile application testing. If they prevent the program from duly functioning, one should consider changing or excluding them.

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