How to Pass the Interview for the Position of a Tester?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | September 15, 2014 10:00 am

Note: the articel was updated in November 2018.

A successful job interview is of great significance for the career in software testing as well as in any other field. It’s important to prove the software testing or development company that you are the best candidate available.

Statistics show that out of 50 resumes only 4-6 applicants are interviewed, and 1 candidate gets a job offer. This proves that preparation for the interview is essential.

We can form a general algorithm of this process:

How to prepare for an interview for the tester’s position?

Every job has its specifics and requirements for candidates. Any tester, who wants to get the job, should try to forecast the major probable questions and prepare confident answers. The applicant should appear in a favorable light in order to be hired. Here are the tips that will help you to get the position of a tester:

The most important thing is to act confidently and provide well-considered answers. Any software testing company wants to hire highly-qualified professionals with good thinking and problem-solving skills. The key point of the job interview is to prove that the project you have worked on or the application you have tested, was challenging and you developed profound testing skills[1].


Preparation is half the battle if you want to get the position of a QA engineer. Those are people who hire candidates, and there is a strong possibility to develop a successful strategy. It will inevitably base on your knowledge, professional skills, and experience. Some common rules of behavior and communication also matter. Never stop to self-develop, improve your professional base and your dream job will be forthcoming.

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