How Increase Efficiency of Software Testing Life Cycle

by Nataliia Vasylyna | October 7, 2014 10:00 am

A software testing company plans every step of Software Testing Life Cycle to increase profitability of the tested product.

Completion of this process should be characterized by absence of serious defects in the tested application.

5 Components of a Productive and Qualitative Software Testing:

  1. Proper planning. To ensure a complete control over the software testing process, the test managers must formulate a detailed test plan of the project.
  2. Early involvement in the development process. Testers must be engaged since the first stages of work to detect software bugs as early as possible. Such approach helps to increase profitability of a project.
  3. Communication between the project members. Mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing require constant and streamlined communication, which will allow members of the testing team to be on the same wave with the customer and the developers.
  4. Build deployment. A testing process is more efficient, when procedure of a build deployment is spelled out. It is necessary to clarify who is responsible for deployment of a new build, how and where it should be done. One mustn’t forget to perform smoke testing of each new build of the tested program.
  5. Managing of test-cases. It is necessary to clarify the procedure of writing and managing test-cases, choose the most suitable bug tracking tool if one is not provided by the client. Today there are many free bug tracking systems, where one can create new tickets, assign them to the team members, set the priority, etc.

After optimization of these processes, the software testing will be effective and of high quality, and the team will earn the title of professionals.

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