QA at Late Dev Phase: points to consider

by Nataliia Vasylyna | November 18, 2014 10:00 am

Often software producers underestimate importance of software testing and do not acknowledge it as a significant and integral part of a development process.

In order to save time and money or due to other reasons such managers involve a software testing company on late phases of the development life cycle. Doing that they achieve quite the opposite results, as correcting defects at the late phases is more expensive and time-consuming than at the beginning.

Testers miss important stages of the software construction when mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing starts late.

If Testers Begin to Work at a Program at Late Phases of the Development They do not Participate In:

So, the project managers will not get testers’ remarks and opinion about the mentioned points, and the project will be not so cost efficient as it could have been.

Besides, in this case test engineers need more time on learning the project. They are not familiar with the project peculiarities as profound, as they could have been, if they were involved in the project at the very beginning.

That is why manual and automated testing must start from the first phases of a software development process.

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