How to Make a Software Testing Process Profitable?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | December 11, 2014 10:00 am

It is a common knowledge that a good test engineer can find software bugs in any application, even in the one that is considered to be of high quality and have been thoroughly tested.

This fact causes confusion in mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing, as if errors can always be found, a testing process can last forever.

Too long software testing is harmful to a project, because the program development becomes loss making. Insufficient testing is also unacceptable; the application will be released with software bugs in this case.

A testing process should aim to increase the application quality and diminish the expenses and time to market. One should carefully plan every testing process and carry out functional testing, usability testing, performance testing and other testing works according to the plan in order to find a balance between these extremes.

A Test Plan Must be Elaborated Based on the Project Specificity Taking into Account:

It is necessary to set clear criteria achieving which testing works should stop, and the software is considered to be ready for release. These criteria are usually set by the testing process manager. When the test team is small, the criteria may be elaborated and discussed by all the test team members.

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