How to Get New Ideas for Software Testing?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | February 2, 2015 10:00 am

Efficient software testing demands a lot of personal and professional qualities. Most of them can be developed, the main thing is to be passionate about web site testing, desktop testing, mobile testing.

One of the principal qualities, necessary for writing test cases and providing sufficient test coverage, is creativity. A test engineer should be able to use various approaches, see the application from various perspectives.

At present most of the projects have hard time limits. So, the ideas for functional testing, user interface testing, compatibility testing and other testing activities should be diverse and come quickly. Even the best solutions, if they appear too late, are useless.

But anyone may get tired, distracted or just lack the ideas for new approaches to the project and test cases.

If one cannot see the system from a different perspective and lacks ideas for testing it is wise to stop working for a while. Even if there is too little time, such a break can be very helpful.

In Order to Get New Ideas for Testing One May:

A pause for several minutes can inspire a tester, and he or she will finish the work faster and better than if he or she were just thinking hard all the time without rest.

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