How Can Testers Maintain High Capacity for Work?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | February 27, 2015 10:00 am

The majority of people depend on their jobs, they earn their living executing their tasks. So, it is no wonder that most of employees do their best, spend a lot of time on their work and fully devote themselves to it.

This it true about test engineers as well. In order to perform usability testing, compatibility testing, load testing or other tasks on time, they may work much overtime during the projects.

Too much work and constant pressure of deadlines may cause chronic fatigue, inattentiveness and indifference to everything, a person may even get seriously sick. A lot of overtime work is harmful, even if the person is passionate about mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing.

Psychologists and experienced testers advise to learn how to cope with stresses and constant pressure at work.

In Order to Remain Healthy, Cheerful and Able to Work a Tester Should:

One should keep in mind that healthy and cheerful tester works much more efficiently than a tired and sick one.

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