3 Ways of Earning Extra Money in QA

June 10 10:00 2015  

Software testing has become an integral part of a software development process. This branch of information technology is unique; it demands certain personal qualities and knowledge from those.

Unlike programmers, test engineers don’t have to know programming languages and be technically savvy, know structure and principles of work of software products. This information is useful though and can help to climb a career ladder in a software testing company.

Some types of mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing can be qualitatively performed by amateurs and ordinary users.

Such Opportunities of Earning Extra Money are Available for Amateurs and Professional Testers:

  1. Beta testing. Many companies release beta versions of their products before releasing them into production and invite the end-users to perform beta testing. Most of beta testers are paid for their job. Such occupation can hardly be a main source of income, but it allows getting some experience in manual testing.
  2. Freelance. Not everybody can earn a living as a freelancer, but it is a good way of earning extra money and improving skills in usability testing, functional testing, compatibility testing, etc. Some freelancers are very successful and make this occupation their main source of income.
  3. Creating a blog. It is a good idea to keep a blog based on your interests, it can be a blog for beginners in software testing, for example, where the author shares his or her experience, gives pieces of advice.

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