Who Can Help to Assure App Success at the Market?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | July 13, 2015 10:26 am

Sometimes a software testing company performs a full range of testing activities for the customers’ software. But even despite the pretty trouble-free operation of the system, it happens that the software doesn’t become widespread among the target audience and the customers are unsatisfied.

Everybody understands that testing can’t be the only measure providing the product success. The quality assurance procedures, marketing research and properly chosen tactic of distribution are also incredibly important.

4 Main Groups of People Who Help Software to Gain the Success:

  1. Marketing and business analysts. Certainly, the testing team can perform user interface testing and usability testing, but professional marketing and business analysts will detect what the auditory really needs concerning the functional and quality of the software.
  2. Sales managers. These people definitely know what software will be in greater demand at the market and which features should be especially carefully verified by the software testing team.
  3. Users. The target audience, directly using the software. This segment is critically important for customers because right for these people the software was designed and implemented. If the software will be used by a large number of simultaneous users it would be not superfluous to perform the load testing.
  4. Sponsors. Those, who pay for the part of the software’s designing, testing or distributing it on the market.

So, one can apply the full range of software testing procedures, but the final goal – release of a quality salable program – will still not be reached just the same. To make the customers satisfied with a product, a software testing company can propose them to involve some of the above mentioned people in the project. The result will certainly satisfy both sides.

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