Quality Criteria of the Software Under Test

by Nataliia Vasylyna | August 10, 2015 1:46 pm

The main task of the tester is to find and document bugs during the software product testing with the following process of their elimination in order to provide the further better work of the product under test.

To ensure the proper system quality the mobile testing, web application testing or desktop testing[1] commonly used. In the case if software product is generated by order of a particular user, which can be directly involved in its design, the question about the final product quality is determined by its level of compliance with the specifications stated by the customer.

Another criterion of the testing quality is the reliability of the object under test, which is determined by the frequency of the program malfunctions. For this point it is necessary to perform security testing[2] and load testing[3]. Despite the importance of this criterion, customers, even at high rates of reliability, are not always satisfied with the software in the case of inability to perform, by means of it, operations which are important for them.

Benchmarks for Determining the Quality of the Program Under Test:

Based on these markers, the main ways to improve the quality of the product being tested will be revealing its weaknesses, failures and the various program bugs.

Quite often one can find the definition of a program bug as a result of differences between the behavior of the program and its specification. It must be remembered that this is true only if it is proved by the existence of a specification, as well as its high quality.

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