Should Automated Testing Be Deployed?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | October 27, 2015 11:25 am

The success of software testing company is based on the constant development and improvement of its works and operating facilities. Times change and so do the people as well as their needs and desires.

Automated testing[1] is considered to be the fastest type of software product testing. It gives the immediate feedback of product or application work. Nowadays, time is very precious for people; free time is even the luxury.

Besides the fact that automated testing makes the way to the market shorter. It is a big plus, especially, during competitions between different brand marks. Also this type of checking accelerates the search process of reasons of failures in order to have time for fixing all these issues.

The principle of automation should be also applied while performing either integration testing[2] or regression testing. It will prevent the troubles with the deployment.

The Procedure of Acceptance-driven Testing

  1. Customer’s requirements are specified with the help of Developer Operations.
  2. The requirements are spelled out in a literal text.
  3. The criteria are executed in a form of code.
  4. Testers perform required type of testing, for example, system testing[3].
  5. The test report is made and all founded bugs.

Such collaboration between the business team and developers makes it possible to perform automated testing from the very first. Automated testing becomes an unavertable trend.

The Strong Points of Automated Testing

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