How to Form Development and Testing Team?

How to Form Development and Testing Team?
December 22 09:13 2015  

Almost every startup software testing company wants to eventually grow into agile dream team. There is no need to invest vast amount of money in a team to make it perfect.

Agile software product testing or mobile testing takes effort but allows producing a product of a very high quality. It is necessary to know how to use agile principles when building an ideal team.

What It Takes to Build the Best Agile Team?

  • When a software tester preforms automated testing, he often just sits and waits for the tests to be completed. This results in useless waste of resources. If there are several dozens of testers who are just waiting for completion of tests, the waste of resources becomes absolutely critical. To avoid this, a manager should take care to ensure that all testers and developers spend their working time usefully.
  • Continuous integration allows developers to perform integration testing and receive immediate feedback from testers on how the new code works. Jenkins is a great tool for that, but it should be strongly integrated with the infrastructure.
  • To improve the team collaboration, a manager should establish the following form of teamwork: a tester finds a bug, promptly discusses it with developers, and together they make a decision on how and when to fix it. They should seek the assistance of their manager only if it’s very difficult to agree upon something.
  • Testers, developers and managers should be able to control the usage or resources. This will allow a team to distribute resources in a most efficient way.

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