How a Software Bug Can be Called?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | March 28, 2016 1:55 pm

In software testing company, the specialists use various terms to name a system error. The bug may have different nature, area of happening and consequences. It can have minor priority, can be serious and cause even fatal effects (the bug of spaceship system).

According to the bug characteristics, a tester chooses the appropriate term. There are several such names that describe the bug peculiarities. There is no universal name for the software error. The choice of term is not determined by the culture of company, the product nature or the peculiarities of development procedure.

What Are the Terms for Software Errors?

These terms mostly are used by the specialists of software testing, but there is another list of bug names used only by programmers. All terms have different shades of meaning. To better understand each notion, one should look its description in the dictionary.

The words ‘fault’, ‘defect’ and ‘failure’ refer to something dangerous and severe. It will be incorrect if during user interface testing [2]a specialist defects the icon with improper color and calls it a failure.

The terms ‘incident’ and ‘variance’ do not mean something negative. They are used to point some unexpected or unforeseen events. Usually, testers utilize the words ‘bug’, ‘error’ and ‘problem’ during software testing.

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