How to Make Usability Testing More Effective?

How to Make Usability Testing More Effective?
September 15 06:49 2016  

Every developing team waits for the feedback from end users. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get the information about each component of the product.

To predict the end users’ reaction, a software testing company provides usability testing services. Specialists recommend abiding the following plan to optimize usability testing process.

What Are the Steps of Usability Testing Optimization?

  • To allocate a budget for usability testing. Of course, the essential part of the budget is intended for such vital services as functional testing or security testing. However, it does not mean that usability testing could be regarded as the way to economize.
  • To appoint a testing group. To make results more effective, the testing group should correspond to the target audience of the product under test. People with good experience in software testing are not a variant for usability checks because they will understand the site constitution much easier and faster, creating the illusion that the site is clear to common users.
  • To explain users the conditions of testing. There were funny situations when the audience thought that it was not the website but their mental abilities under test.
  • To create a detailed plan. It should be done to ease the testing process. Besides, every step should be recorded and analyzed.
  • To monitor the actions of users.

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