UI Testing of iOS Apps with UIAutomation

by Nataliia Vasylyna | December 21, 2016 2:41 pm

Apple Inc. provided a special tool for creating and running auto tests to conduct UI testing[1] of various products both on real devices and iOS simulators. It is developed in JavaScript. The automation principle has several advantages over manual testing.

With the help of UIAutomation, software testing requires less effort. It utilizes less memory to run all necessary test cases. The general procedure of UI testing becomes simpler and faster. UIAutomation creates the test scripts that simulate users’ events.

Besides that, the tool supports rotation and gestures. But it is not open-source. And the process of integration with other tools will cause difficulties. UIAutomation has several classes.

What Are UIAutomation Classes?

Besides that, during iOS testing[2], the test team can use such automated testing frameworks as MonkeyTalk, Frank, and KIF. If it is necessary to perform automated testing [3]of Android, iOS, Adobe or HTML5 apps, then MonkeyTalk can be utilized. With its help, the test cases can be easily managed and run in the integrated environment.

Frank is used to conduct automated acceptance testing of the products for iPhone and iPad. KIF is a framework for iOS integration testing.

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