4 Inherent Parts of Modern Test Automation

by Nataliia Vasylyna | January 2, 2017 7:36 am

Everyday new trends, terms, and concepts appear in the IT world. It happens so because information innovations have been permanently developing during last few decades. And what took much time, performing manually, today may be easily completed via automation.

The same is true for software testing. Any QA company monitors novelties in the automation testing tools shop and also cares about its testers’ familiarity as for operating capabilities.

What should a tester know about ongoing automation?

  1. Selenium Tool Set – each tester should be obligatory acquainted with such software testing framework as Selenium. It significantly simplifies the testers’ life and helps with functional testing[1], web application checking, acceptance testing[2], and so on.
  2. System of the remote control – today QA teams are able to gain information about the already implemented software and its work via special remote automated tool which is also called telemetry.
  3. Revision control systems – an extremely useful thing for both developers and testers which allows to control, modify and compare the current code versions with earlier applied.
  4. Continuous integration tools – it schedules the following tasks and performs them automatically at the set time without any person involvement. It may be of good service to end-to-end testing. Bamboo, Jenkins, and Travis CI are some of the mentioned tools.

Thus, keeping the aforesaid approaches in mind will help the modern tester to upgrade his skills in both testing and programming.

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