Security Testing Myths

Security Testing Myths
February 15 08:04 2017  

For various specialists, the notion ‘security’ has different meaning and includes diverse concept. In general, security means the combination of specific means that protect the product from malicious attacks and actions that can be as intentional as well as unintentional. In the IT sphere, security testing and its various types are performed to detect all possible the weak points and loopholes in the security system.

Around this software testing types, there are a lot of various misbelieves. It is important to fully realize the necessity and importance of a high level of system/organization security.

What are the myths of security testing?

  • Small companies are not obliged to have a security policy.
  • The expenses on security testing cannot be repaid.
  • Unplugging is the only possible way to provide security.
  • Only special software and hardware ensure the system and business safety.

The security policy is a must-have for every company even if it runs small business. Every software testing company knows that all expenditures even themselves out over the time. This testing type improves the general quality of the product and minimizes the potential risks. It makes the malicious attacks useless.

The absence of the possibility to add new plug-ins will not protect the system. Only a through checking and all potential risks assessment can improve the system security.

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