Why Do Testers Use Jira?

by Nataliia Vasylyna | February 24, 2017 7:54 am

While performing different software testing types, a QA team[1] needs somehow to monitor, process and maintain the system issues that were detected. Every bug has its status, priority, and severity.

To make the testers’ life easier, there were designed special bug tracking systems. Nowadays, there are available a lot of such programs. Each system of this type has its own functional peculiarities, interface, and design. To track the bug detected during mobile testing[2], web app testing or game testing[3], the test team selects the proper tracking tool.

Now it is time to talk a little about Jira[4], a bug tracking system. It was developed by Atlassian, an Australian company. Jira is rather widespread and popular system for maintaining bugs. It is used in over 122 countries all over the world. The first its release was in 2002.

As for the program name, it is translated from Japanese as ‘Godzilla’. One the biggest advantages of Jira is the capacity to migrate with Bugzilla. The point is that Bugzilla is one of the Jira competitors. It was a very clever decision of its creators to add such a capacity.

Jira Is Used for:

Jira provides a range of various useful capacities. Its toolbar consists of all functions and features that testers require to conduct the checking procedure effectively. For example, after performing functional testing and reporting all discovered bugs, a tester is able to monitor their status and date of their removing. As a result, he can rationally plan his further steps and actions.

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