Video Downloading Software: –°ommon Bottlenecks and their Solutions

by Vadym Yudovych | March 14, 2019 12:33 pm

Nowadays it is difficult to release a product which could be named a perfect one. In case of video downloading software, the quality depends on absence of bugs and perfection may become closer with reducing of the error probability. How can this be achieved? The creation and development of high-quality software for video processing requires a specific and clear strategy for investigating the key factors of proper downloading. One of the possible ways out for this is professional testing of your software. A testing scenario must be based on step by step instruction[1] to exclude the probability of error of any function.

This guide will serve you a basic checklist to verify the proper program functioning starting with video downloading to its proper playback.

Video downloading challenges

Install and use

First of all, testing should be started with control of installation of a downloading program. You can easily do it with consideration of the following criteria:

This procedure is an optimal way to ensure that the installation process was conducted without breaches.

Ready to download

The next step is downloading the video through the installed program. This stage requires testing[2] of such steps as transfer of the link to video, copy/paste of the link, manual input of the correct/incorrect link by typing and clearing of the entry field for the link.

What is this video?

One more step is checking the information about the video: checking the compliance of pictures and video titles, video size, number of downloads, source of a video and its description. To provide proper video downloading, don’t forget to check all available video resolution settings.

Make a deep breath: check all the factors of your downloading

To be sure that your software fulfills its purpose, monitor the downloading start, choose different directories such as directories with the absence of memory space, with the long title of a folder or without the option of editing. Try to edit downloaded file title and remove the file from the folder.
Imitate the scenarios of breaching of internet connection during processing, download video of improper format and try other possible breaches of the downloading process which is already started.

It is also important to test the possibility of suspension of the started downloading process. Monitor its continuation after suspension, restart the program during downloading, continue the downloading after restart:

Sounds complicated? The safety of your operations is never enough!

After the completion of downloading, check the list of downloaded videos: check the size, format, resolution and other conditions after downloading is finished and compare it with the conditions of video, which were specified before downloading. Try to sort downloaded videos by ascending/descending order, by the time of downloading, its size, time of video reproduction.

When downloading is completed, it is necessary to check the quality and conditions of downloaded video to be sure of a proper work of downloading software:

You have already seen that the testing process[3] is not the easiest thing to do, so it is better to entrust this procedure to professionals. But if you decide to cope on your own, be prepared for the following difficulties:

Specialists from QATestlab[4] have worked with video software of different types and share their experience on how to solve the difficulties that often arise:


The early planning and deep examining of the product will help to bring its successful market implementation to life. This is more than achievable, basing on the techniques disclosed by our specialists. Proper preparation of your software by careful testing will significantly increase the probability of its success on the market. Focus on our checklist for testing the video downloading software to conduct the procedures properly. Prepare your video downloading software basing on the steps stated above and make sure it works!

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