Digital Transformation: What you need to know to succeed in 2020

by Anastasia Kizilo | April 22, 2020 1:56 pm

Today’s realities of crisis not only show to business society how fragile are all processes built before but also prove the necessity for every sphere to shift online in order to be in demand and make a profit. IT industry moreover should work harder to offer new solutions to improve and upgrade everyday life during and after the crisis.

Remote work and life in isolation mode demands new digital solutions

Many people are now staying at home. From teachers and bankers to almost every person in the world – work and everyday life have changed for most of us. We are working and learning remotely, doing shopping online, spending time with friends and colleagues on video calls, playing video games and even getting treatment without leaving our gadgets screens.

Digital technologies are the key thing to prompt home-based work, distance learning and home supply delivery, which have become essential in this period of isolation.

Digital transformation: the necessity to keep the lights and the opportunity to succeed

This is the perfect time for all businesses not to delay digital transformation by realizing the necessities of its acceleration. It requires the change in organization delivery of its products and services, cooperation with partners and resetting the in-house processes of teamwork.

Now it is the time to create new banking and healthcare apps, artificial intelligence products, new robotic and chatbot systems, ingenious platforms for streaming, VR, smart-house and 3D printing innovations.

Сompanies who have already started to digitally transform during the crisis, have already made such a huge progress than ever expected. Such organizations have developed new technologies, invented alternative uses for existing technologies, and have pushed their services forward in new directions that would only be possible under quarantine circumstances.

Prosperous companies need to reorganize what was done before to find the most successful and innovative solutions.

Although most companies understand the emergency of digital transformation, many are shocked by the idea of having to rearrange their entire digital approach and struggle without knowing how to implement a transformation. But they also realize that if they don’t do anything, they run the risk of being non-relevant and replaced.

Any digital product requires a responsible approach to budget, development, and testing

According to statistics, of the $1.3 trillion spent on digital transformation in 2018, $900 billion was wasted when plans didn’t meet the certain goals. During a crisis, any losses can lead to a disappointing outcome. You don’t want your company to be one of those.

Customer orientation is the main business value of digital transformation. To satisfy customers, any innovative program coded by even the most experienced developer should be thoroughly tested.

In order to demonstrate your new software product of a proper quality level to the market, every development process should pass through a range of quality assurance activities needed to make sure that the team has defined all processes in a proper manner and everything is ready to reach certain results and standards.

If you want to progress and succeed, you need to change

Change and breaking new ground can be difficult, but the benefits that come from developing a forward-looking, customer-focused, digital-oriented company can be lasting. After all, these enforced changes can be positive – for your employees, partners and customers.

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