e-Learning Solutions: Why is testing so important right now?

by Kate Libbie | April 27, 2020 12:17 pm

Acquiring new knowledge is always a good idea, and e-learning is the most cutting-edge way to do it comfortably anytime and anywhere. But, let’s face reality, an application that is slow in loading time has errors, and the bad user interface takes away any desire to learn and continue using an app. That’s why if you want to turn the app from annoying to a capable solution in current circumstances, e-learning testing is not a whim but a necessity.

E-Learning Application Testing Checklist

Conducted via electronic media with engaging audio, video, and text content, e-learning reshaped the previous image of education processes almost entirely. Moving online, now everyone can start learning on the device anytime and make learning more flexible, interactive, and personalized. But to make all that work, a proper testing strategy is required. 


Here are some of the key checks to make an e-learning app satisfactory for end-user:

#1 Usability. As a rule, e-learning applications are designed to transfer all learning routines online. Be it acquiring a piece of new theory or practice, everything is happening through the screen of a device. What users see and with what interact is a milestone of an engaging learning experience. That’s why it is essential to conduct UX /usability testing[1] to check whether an application is comfortable for the end-user, and visual appearance doesn’t spoil other processes.

#2 Functionality. The next important part of any e-learning app is buttons that lead to certain stages of learning, contemplate material, and give feedback. To make learning a pleasure, all the buttons and functions presented in the application must work smoothly and guide learners directly to the places they expect. For this, functional testing[2] is required to check whether all of these elements work correctly. 

#3 Accessibility. To examine whether the application runs properly in multiple browsers and on various devices, it should go through compatibility tests. This type of testing helps to check whether an app runs well on touch-screen devices, compatible with the latest browsers like UC, various mobile operating systems like Android, Apple, Windows, and more. When there are many devices presented on the market, learners expect to access learning in all possible ways.

#4 Performance. The last but not the least thing is how the app operates under different working load, internet speed, and the volume of traffic. Even if the app is not designed for mass usage, it doesn’t mean these factors should be neglected. Various situations can occur, and learners are least interested to see sudden refuse to respond. To avoid such negative scenarios, it is worth conducting performance testing[3] to check if an application can remain steady under different loads.

Why Test E-Learning Now?

If to soberly assess the current situation, testing is what e-learning applications lack the most. Many educational institutions implemented simple ready-made solutions that did not fully cover their needs. As a result, learners dive headlong into online learning, regardless of whether they feel confident using the tools, or not.

Learners of today meet a lot of errors, bugs connected with slow performance, bad user interface, and more. The problem is the majority of applications are simply not ready for mass use and fail to bring an engaging learning experience. All that happens because of neglecting testing. 

Delay in quality may result in losing a battle in the competition on the market. 


If you are developing an e-learning application, QATestLab[4] specialists are ready to help and check all the key metrics that drive effective testing of e-learning. 

Let the bugless learning experience be with you!

Software Testing & QA[5]

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