Test Design Specification

by Tetiana Sukmanik | May 15, 2020 1:15 pm

Test Design Specification

Test design is a procedure that explains how testing should be performed. It consists of processes that are aimed at effective test cases identification. In some projects preparation of a test plan may be ignored. They are convinced that writing test plan[1], test procedure specification, or test design specification is nothing but a time-wasting procedure. Contrary to this opinion, test design specification contains the information and parameters[2] that are required for effective and detailed software testing.

Test Design in Quality Assurance

Test design documents serve for software testers suggesting testing procedure details and actions. They are useful in removing doubts concerning testing methods and techniques. Test cases are documented according to the IEEE 829 Standard for Test Documentation.

What is Test Design?

In its essence, Test Design is comprised of 4 points, and here they are:

What Are the Constituents of Test Design Specification?

Test Design Specification consists of several components. They are:

Test Design Specification Categories

There are three categories, each of them performing a specific role:

Final word

Test Design Specification plays a crucial role in simplifying the testing process. This documentation possesses a great deal of significance as it assists in communication between testing team members. When it comes to more detailed communication on software system features, it also helps to lead a more proper testing process. The letter one aspect is essential to meet the customer’s requirements.

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