Why Crowdtesting is An Important Part of Your Testing Toolkit

by Kate Libbie | August 27, 2020 10:26 am

In today’s competitive tech world, there is one key differentiator between software apps: quality.

If a user receives a poor customer experience using your product, the uncomfortable truth is that there are many other apps they could choose from. If there’s a bug in their Uber app, a user will turn to Bolt. If there’s a bug in Just Eat, they might just turn to Deliveroo.

So, product quality needs to be your top priority. But achieving this can seem like no easy feat. Especially when software testing can mean a minefield of choices and a constant battle to achieve full test coverage.

Enter crowdtesting.

What is crowdtesting?

Crowdtesting allows you to test your apps at scale and at speed, giving you the confidence to regularly release new features into the market, without the long lag time.

Through harnessing the power of the crowd to enable you to have access to a team of global, professional testers across the world, all without hiring one single extra person.

At Global App Testing, our crowd consists of 40,000 professional testers and spans 180+ countries. It’s a global testing community, all focused on the same goal: quality.

By partnering with a crowdtesting provider, you can augment your existing QA can have access to this professionally vetted crowd of testers, meaning you can expand your existing QA team[1] to a worldwide testing stratosphere.

What are the benefits?

We’ve told you what crowdtesting is, now let’s talk about the benefits.

1. Speed

What crowdtesting provides is 24/7, remote, on-demand testing support.

Testers do not work to a typical 9-5 routine and operate in a variety of timezones. This means that there will always be testers on hand to test your product when you need it most.

Let’s say you’re working hard to meet a release deadline. With crowdtesting, you can send off a test on Friday afternoon and have the results ready for you on Monday morning. This means your SDLC never has to slow down waiting for test results, and you can request tests at any time suitable to your team. Crowdtesting integrates seamlessly into your current processes, meaning you never have to lose momentum.

Crowdtesting delivers the testing impact you need, and fast!

2. Scale

The aim of every company is to scale. We all want to get bigger and better at what we do.

But every software developer and QA expert knows that as your company scales, your QA needs to scale with it.

A 100,000 strong user base has very different requirements and expectations to a 100 strong user base. And a bug that impacts 10% of users in the early stages of your product isn’t going to have the same monumental impact as when your product is well established and respected.

Crowdtesting can aid you as your company scales, by almost immediately expanding your QA capabilities, all without the time and cost associated with recruiting a much larger team.

In fact, partnering with a crowdtesting solution means you have access to a worldwide pool of testers at the touch of a button.

This lifts the pressure off finding available testers every time you finish or update code, opening up your team’s capacity to work on bug fixes and strategy. And when your SDLC works like clockwork, it makes scaling a whole lot easier.

3. Localization

Part of many companies’ scaling strategy is international expansion. When your tech-first company is adopted and loved globally, there really is no stopping you.

But just because your app works perfectly in the country it was built in doesn’t mean this will translate across the world.

And in many cases, translation can be an even bigger problem than you anticipate.

Language and cultural nuances, local devices and network combinations mean that there are a whole host of complicated issues you have to contend with when reaching new markets.

The crowd is on hand to help.

Testers can conduct localization testing to ensure that the product is bug-free, usable, and appropriate in their specific country. If you translate ‘enter your name’ into Vietnamese, and the resulting translation doesn’t fit in the text box, creating a bug, the crowd will find it. If a term used or imagery isn’t culturally appropriate, the crowd will find it. This will prevent embarrassing mistakes that could be damaging to your brand.

4. Quality

Speed, localization and ability to scale all lead to one thing: quality.

Crowdtesting provides you with local context from professional testers across the globe. These testers can spot bugs your team might not have anticipated, and ensure your product works as well in new markets as it does in the country it was created.

And, with crowdtesting, you can receive these results at lightning speed. This opens up more time for your team to fix bugs quickly, and run more tests if necessary. When your SDLC is streamlined, your product quality will improve. Faster feedback loops mean faster results and faster fixes.

Finally, crowdtesting enables your testing capacity to scale. As your userbase grows and your product grows in popularity, your QA needs to scale with it. Crowdtesting provides you with the resources to test on a wider scale, without the associated cost.

The Global App Testing way

Crowdtesting is what we do.

At Global App Testing[2], we have a professional crowd of 40,000+ testers in 189 countries on hand to test your product. And, our testers have access to hundreds of OS combinations, meaning you can extend your test coverage exponentially.

What’s more, by combining humans and intelligent automation, our solution means you can launch and receive results in as little as 2 hours or less. That means your team has more time to focus on fixing critical bugs before they reach end-users.

Our 24/7 on-demand approach to QA means that you can scale your testing capacity when you need it most, with the support of our dedicated customer success team to ensure you get the best out of our solution. We also provided expertly moderated reporting, so you don’t have to waste time with duplicate bug reports.

It’s all about getting high-quality test results, and fast.

Speak to our team to be put in touch with Global App Testing to find out more about how they could help you.

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